Motorway masturbater caught in the act

A man was caught pleasuring himself on a busy motorway and continued despite being filmed.

Motorway masturbater caught in the act

A driver was caught masturbating on the motorway.

Members of metal band Reign of Fury including guitarist Ross McLennan, 30, were travelling between Belgium and Holland when they filmed the indecent incident.

The randy driver was driving in the middle lane of a busy highway when he was caught and continued to pleasure himself after he was spotted.

Ross from West Sussex, told the Metro newspaper: "Obviously lots of bands have stories from being on tour but I think the "w**king van driver" trumps them all.

'It was just unbelievable. It was clear as day what he was doing - there was no doubt left in our minds. The image has been burned into my mind and just pops up on its own - it's horrible."

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