Mural of woman created using pants

A mural of a woman in her underwear - created using unusued pants - has appeared in Greenwich, London overnight.

Mural of woman created using pants

Over 5,000 pairs of pants were used to create a mural of a woman in her underwear.

The unusual 'pantstallation' - which measures 15 metres in length - popped up in Greenwich, south east London overnight to celebrate the release of Urostemol, a herbal treatment which aims to "liberate the lingerie" by relieving weak and overactive bladders.

'Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Dawn Harper said: "Not being able to wear nice underwear is just the tip of the iceberg, with toilet 'mapping', avoiding drink, dark clothing and shunning socialising all deemed necessary means of coping. The ripple effect can include anything from damaged relationships, to poor sleep, to anxiety and low self-esteem."

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