Musician turns cucumber into clarinet

Composer makes melodies from a variety of vegetables including a cucumber clarinet .

Musician turns cucumber into clarinet

A musician has turned a cucumber into a clarinet.

The 39-year-old Turkish composer has found a way of showing everyone they can own their own musical instrument - for a fraction of the price.

Mr. Cagi, who now lives in Istanbul with his wife and their two children, has turned his hand to make some mind-blowing wind instruments - and it all started by hollowing a cucumber out and playing it.

The MailOnline report that he has amazed classical fans with video performances of his repertoire on the vegetable which he uploaded to his social media.

The videos show him playing traditional Turkish music on a hollow cucumber, complete with finger holes and a clarinet mouthpiece in the end.

He blows into the mouthpiece and toots out a beautiful melody.

Among his vegetable instrument collection are carrots and courgettes and it's not just classical music Mr. Cagi can play - he also covers Arabic songs and local gypsy music.

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