New suit duvet combo created

A new suit/duvet combination has been created and named the Suvet.

New suit duvet combo created

A suit/duvet combination outfit has been created.

Jurys Inn Hotels has designed a bespoke two-piece suit that can take you "from bedroom to boardroom in a whisk of a feather".

The 10.5 tog outfit is more Michelin Man than Alexander Wang but helps to highlight the fact that many people find waking up a daily struggle.

Suzanne Cannon, Head of Marketing for Jurys Inn, said: "With over two thirds (63%) of us valuing comfort over style (58%), and over half (56%) facing a daily struggle to get up in the morning, we felt compelled to create a comfortable, stylish outfit to make getting up for work and tackling the day ahead easier.

"If there is enough interest in this one-of-a-kind prototype we will definitely consider putting a limited edition run into production - after all, who doesn't like the thought of a duvet day, every day."

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