Passenger tries to set fire on Shenzhen Airlines flight

The man was overpowered by fellow passengers and cabin crew and arrested when the flight landed


A man has been arrested for attempting to start a fire aboard a Shenzhen Airlines flight from Taizhou on Sunday (July 26).

According to media reports, the passenger tried to set the plane, which was carrying 100 people, on fire using gasoline and a lighter shortly before it was scheduled to land in Guangzhou at 1am.

Photos posted on social media showed burns to a passenger seat and a charred emergency exit.


The pilot issued a mayday call and was guided to the Guangzhou airport as fellow passengers and cabin crew tried to restrain the unidentified man. He was taken into police custody when the flight landed.

Two people were reportedly injured and were taken to hospital for treatment.

Shenzhen Airlines has released a statement confirming the “attempted arson” but offered no additional details. The motivation for the incident remains unclear.

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