Passengers fight over music on plane

Passenger's on board a flight to LA broke out into a fight after refusing to turn down the volume on their boom box.

Passengers fight over music on plane

A brawl broke out on a flight because two women refused to turn their music down.

Passengers were punched in the face on the Spirit Airlines 141 flight to Los Angeles on Thursday (10.03.16) when intoxicated female travelers blared tunes from their vintage radio during the journey.

Riccardo Jones - a passenger who filmed the scuffle - recalled: "The whole plane turned around and saw these two groups of women fighting.

"I just thought 'who's stupid enough to fight on a plane'? But then one of the women got punched in the face twice so we jumped in to stop it."

Despite the air hostesses remaining calm in the hope of defusing the fracas, the LAX police were on hand to take action.

Riccardo added: "As soon as we got to the gate the police jumped on and arrested all five women."

However, FBI officials affirmed no one was charged, the Daily Telegraph reports.

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