Pornhub offers $25k scholarship

Pornhub is offering horny viewers the chance to better themselves by winning a college scholarship.

Pornhub offers $25k scholarship

Pornhub is offering a $25,000 scholarship.

The pornography website is giving porn addicts the chance to smarten themselves up and go to college - and all they have to do is have 3.2 GPA, write an essay on how do you strive to make other's happy and make a five-minute video, without getting naked.

Pornhub president Corey Price explained: "We're always looking at different ways we can give back and we thought helping someone to go to college would be a great way.

"Part of our inspiration is that we've seen a lot of people have a hard time getting money to go to college. We want to make it easier for one person who shares the same mission of spreading happiness."

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