Python spotted in London park

Police were called to capture a five-foot exotic python spotted in a south London park

Python spotted in London park

A five-foot python slithering around a London park has been captured by the police.

Scotland Yard officers were called to catch the slippery serpent, later identified as a Carpet Python, from King George's Park on Monday night (10.08.15).

The python, which is currently being looked after at Putney Animal Hospital, was described by the RSPCA as being "feisty" and "a challenge to handle".

Carpet Pythons are usually found in Papau New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia, and it is not known how the reptile ended up roaming around South London.

The incident comes just one day after two Royal Pythons were found in a Twickenham playing field, eight miles from where the Carpet Python was spotted.

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