Rectangular structures evidence of UFO colony on the moon

Pictures which show rectangular structures on the moon are apprently evidence of a UFO colony, according to alien hunters secureteam10.

Rectangular structures evidence of UFO colony on the moon

Strange alien structures have been pictured on the Moon.

The unidentified rectangular objects are apparently "evidence of a UFO colony" an expert has claimed in a new video describing the photographs that were taken from the Lunar Orbiter satellite.

Alien hunters secureteam10 report on alien activity on their YouTube channel and in a video on their site, one of their team says: "These buildings, these structures. I mean, take a look at these things and tell me they're natural.

"How did they get there? If they are natural, how did they get there?

"And honestly, tell me how Mother Nature created not one large rectangular structure but a second structure with very alien characteristics and surface features?

"I mean you can be a sceptic, I'm a sceptic, but there comes a time in life when you have to say alright, I've seen enough.

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