Replica KITT Knight Rider on sale

A replica of the artificially intelligent KITT Knight Rider supercar is being sold on online auction site Catawiki.

Replica KITT Knight Rider on sale

A replica KITT 'Knight Rider' supercar is being auctioned.

The artificially intelligent KITT supercar from the 1980s TV series - which aired 30 years ago which starred David Hasslehoff - has gone on sale on auction site Catawiki.

Estimated to sell between a cool £26,000 and £35,000 this famous car, fans of the cult-classic show may be tempted to purchase the vehicle which responds to voice commands to turn on the engine, open the windows and switch on the headlights.

The sale comes as Google's first driver-less car was declared a legal motorist in the US and much like KITT, an on-board computer controls all aspects of driving.

The auction will run until the February 15.

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