Sainsburys give tips for leftovers at Christmas

Sainbury's have put together a list of festive recipes that can help use up leftovers.

Sainsburys give tips for leftovers at Christmas

Sainsbury's have found that families can make their Christmas leftovers into delicious meals for up to four days.

Christmas is a time for festive thriftiness and over a third of savvy shoppers consciously buy more food pre-Christmas to ensure they have leftovers for the week ahead.

But almost half save money by making extra meals out of Christmas leftovers and new research launched today by Sainsbury's revealed that 84% of the UK population can use leftovers from their Christmas dinner for up to four days to create new meals during the festive period.

Spiced turkey & sweet potato samosas, Brussels sprouts with crème fraiche, parmesan, parsley and crisp bacon and Christmas pudding & brandy sundae are some of the festive recipes that can be found at

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