Schoolgirl arrested for pinching a boy's bum

A school girl faces charges after pinching a classmate's bum

Schoolgirl arrested for pinching a boy's bum

A schoolgirl was arrested for pinching a boy's bum.

Breana Evans, 12, found herself in the back of a police patrol car after she allegedly squeezed a classmate's derriere at her school near Orlando, Florida.

According to police, the victim told the school he didn't want to press charges, but his mother later called and said that she wished to prosecute.

Talking to ABC7 NY news Brenda said: "It is just a joke,

"I feel like it's just stupid, just a stupid charge that shouldn't have to happen."

Her father Ray added: "Lord what has this world come to? Kids can't even be a kid."

It is reported that all charges will be dropped if the youngster completes a diversion program, including community service and passing drug tests, the charge will be dismissed and her record would be clean.

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