SEA Games: Philippines demands gender test for Indonesian volleyball player

Philippines coach claims Aprilia Santini Manganang plays with the skills of a man

Philippines demands gender test on Indonesian volleyball player
Photo: Facebook, SEA Games website

The Philippines has demanded SEA Games organisers carry out a gender test on an Indonesian women’s volleyball player because of her looks and powerful physique.

According to Philippines coach Roger Gorayeb, 23-year-old Aprilia Santini Manganang is “very powerful” and plays with the skills of a man.

"It's like putting a male in the female division," Gorayeb was quoted saying on 

UPDATE:  The Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) said on Wednesday (Jun 10) the appeal was rejected after a review by the South East Asian Games Federation (SEAF) Medical committee.

Apparently, doubts over the gender and eligibility of the Indonesian spiker are not new. In 2011, an Indonesian club reportedly refused to see action against Manganang’s squad and the player had undergone a number of medical tests to prove her gender and eligibility.

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