Six-foot criminal hides in girlfriend's dishwasher

Six-foot tall man found hiding in dishwasher after escaping prison in East Texas.

Six-foot criminal hides in girlfriend's dishwasher

A six-foot tall criminal was found hiding in his girlfriend's dishwasher after escaping prison.

Wesley Evans was found at the Timber Creek Apartments in East Texas in just his boxer shorts and handcuffs.

The 20-year-old fugitive was taken straight back into custody after being on the run for 24 hours, according to local news outlet

Chief Deputy Glenn Blank said: "He took out the racks and made himself a nice cubbyhole."

And Terry Tootle, who owns the property, told KTRE: "That's pretty hard for a man that size to get in. He's about 6ft tall."

Evans was on the run from a nearby hospital in Jasper County and was receiving treatment for his swollen hand.

He is expected to face charges after fleeing the prison hospital.

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