Sky high rent to sleep in 'kitchen'

Bedding down - in a kitchen - costs an arm and a leg in London at £1,083 a month.

Sky high rent to sleep in 'kitchen'

Six people are battling it out to rent a single bed in a kitchen for £1,083 a month. has revealed a post uploaded to its website advertises a "shoeboax studio" apartment which features sleeping quarters for one, a hob and a sink, in London's Old Street.

What's more, they say half a dozen seekers are competing to rent a double room on the market at an average price of £692-per-month in London.

Meanwhile, the site has urged renters to look "just outside of London" where a detached three-bed house located in Shenfield, Essex, is just a shy 23 minutes away from Liverpool Street Station and costs just £795 per month.

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