Skydiving woman gets tattooed mid air

Shannon Claydon, a tattoo artist from Canada, has inked someone's wrist as they skydived out of a plane.

Skydiving woman gets tattooed mid air

A tattoo artist has inked a woman's wrist as they plummeted 120mph down to earth.

Shannon Claydon from Fountainhead Tattoos in Edmonton, Canada tattooed the word 'AHHH' on one of his fellow skydiver's as they jumped out of the plane and descended back down to the ground, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

He explained: "The main problem I thought would happen was the wind but I was able to get over her arm and into the bubble that objects create when falling.

"Also having people to stabilise me made it super smooth but the machine wasn't as powerful as I needed. I made it for a one time use with basic AA batteries. I was so excited after the jump that I didn't do another for the rest of the day."

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