Sleeping dog irritates shoppers

A dog blocked the entrance to a shop as he napped in the doorway with his head pitted up against the sliding doors.

Sleeping dog irritates shoppers

A sleeping dog blocked customers from entering a shop.

A tired pet decided to take a nap in the doorway of a shop next to the automatic door, which kept shutting on his snout but he wouldn't wake up, much to the inconvenience of shoppers.

The footage shared on today (08.04.16) captured the snoozing pooch position in the pathway with his nose as a door stop, and in another position with his face resting against the moving glass, has received over 1,000 times.

The temporary resting place for the dog meant that anyone who wanted to enter or exit the store had to leap over the animal's body or time their entrance in the split second when the doors were fully opened in fear of waking the pedigree.

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