Smoke billows from Area 51 'alien' base

Mystery mushroom cloud filmed billowing from Area 51 'alien' base.

Smoke billows from Area 51 'alien' base

A mystery mushroom cloud has been filmed billowing from Area 51.

The alien hotspot has been spotted shrouded in gas and its believed a huge fire has broken out at the compound in the Nevada desert, which is famous for being the location where aliens were supposedly stored after a "flying saucer" crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

A couple called Jimmy and Jackie took video footage of Area 51 - which the US government only confirmed existed in 2013 - from the nearby road and posted it to YouTube.

In it, Jimmy can be heard saying: "We are still driving down Groom Road here and we noticed that there is like weird smoke over here. What could be going on?"

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