SMRT bus driver suspended for giving motorist the finger

Yet another bus driver is making headlines for the wrong reasons


What’s with Singapore bus drivers recently? Last week, an SBS bus driver reportedly left commuters stranded after losing his way. And now, an SMRT has been suspended for flipping the birdie at a motorist.

In a statement posted on Facebook on today (Dec 3), bus operator SMRT apologised for the incident and said it was taking a "very serious view about such bad behaviour". It added that the incident is “not representative of all the bus captains” and that the driver has been taken off duty for further investigations.

A photo which showed the bus captain making the rude gesture went viral after lorry driver Alan Yap shared it on Facebook yesterday.

Alan told a local daily that he had been travelling in the middle lane on Lentor Avenue at about 10am on Wednesday when the bus (service number 853) tried to cut into his lane. Though the driver did signal his intention to change lanes, Alan did not give way as it was too last minute and he “had no time to react”.

"Even if he was unhappy that I failed to give way, how can he react in such a vulgar manner when he's wearing the SMRT uniform?" said Alan.

Commuters left stranded after SBS bus driver loses way 

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