Space woman missed toothbrush

Russian cosmonaut Dr Valentina Tereshkova was disappointed when she discovered her toothbrush was back on earth.

Space woman missed toothbrush

The first woman in space forgot her toothbrush when she left Earth.

Russian cosmonaut Dr Valentina Tereshkova - the only woman to undergo a solo mission in space - was sent up into orbit by her government in 1963 and wasn't best pleased when she discovered a crucial part of her kit was missing 144 miles away.

However, she was distracted from the disappointment when she realised her ship was programmed to drift off into oblivion on her return trip.

Speaking at London's Science Museum, she said: "The missing toothbrush was nothing compared with the fact that the spacecraft was orientated to ascend not descend.

"I would have gone up and up instead of going back down to the ground."

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