Squirrel army promotes return of Bugs Bunny to TV

To introduce 'Wabbit' the new Bugs Bunny TV show that debuts his brand new sidekick, Squeaks the Squirrel, kids' channel Boomerang unleashed a dray of trained squirrels into London's parks to spread the word.

Squirrel army promotes return of Bugs Bunny to TV

An army of squirrels is on a mission to promote Bugs Bunny returning to TV.

Kids'channel Boomerang has unleashed the furry critters into London's parks in a bid to spread the word about the animated cartoon character's latest TV outing, 'Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production'.

And it's hoped 'squirilla marketing', using the fully trained and professionally cared for tree lovers, will catch the attention of children throughout the capital.

Bugs will reign against new adversaries and the rascally rabbit makes new friends such as Squeaks the Squirrel, who becomes his best buddy.

Classic Looney Tunes characters Wile E. Coyote and Yosemite Sam also return.

'Wabbit' airs every weekday at 5:30 pm on Boomerang, Sky channel 603 and Virgin channel 730.

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