Steakhouse swaps zebra for horse

A steakhouse restaurant that lied about serving zebra meat when it was in fact horse meat has received funny feedback from TripAdvisor customers.

Steakhouse swaps zebra for horse

An "exotic" restaurant that served horsemeat instead of zebra has received hilarious backlash from TripAdvisor customers.

The Steakhouse in Watford near London has been fined nearly £4,000 for lying on the menu, which stated llama, crocodile steaks, wildebeest, kangaroo, ostrich, zebra and antelope were all available to order.

After the council received complaints from dubious customers, Trading Standards officers discovered that the food was, in fact, horsemeat and venison.

Former customer Alfarom1 wrote on Tripadvisor: "Saddle up and get your nose bag on. Stop horsing about and gallop on down to Steakhouse while you still can. I have a feeling that it might not be around for much longer."

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