Student gets tattoo of homeless Ian Beale

A student from Reading got a tattoo of Ian Beale from 'EastEnders' inked on her thigh after losing a drunken bet with her fellow classmates.

Student gets tattoo of homeless Ian Beale

A Reading University student has got a tattoo of 'EastEnders' character Ian Beale tattooed on her thigh.

Amber-May Ellis, 21, has no regrets about having the piece of the popular soap persona, in a woolly hat with scraggly hair during his homeless phase in 2013, inked across most of leg - even though it was done in a drunken bet.

Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, she said: "Basically it was a drunken bet - but it was so irrelevant no one can remember what it actually was. All we know was that I lost and I was getting the tattoo. It was a crazy night."

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