Taxi takes unexpected trip down stairs

SCDF says no one was trapped in the vehicle and that a man in his 60s refused to be taken to the hospital.

taxi stairs

A taxi driver found himself in a tight spot while trying to leave a housing estate in Yishun on Monday night (Oct 19). His vehicle ended up wedged down a staircase.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said they were alerted to the incident at Block 730, Yishun Street 71 at 8.20pm.

MediaCorp hotline (+65 68 22 22 68) caller Rudy Koh sent in photos of the incident and said there is no barrier between the car park and the walkway leading to the flight of steps.


The driver had told passersby he thought it was a straight path. “He drove slowly, then when it went downwards, he was shocked and pulled his handbrake, but it was too late," Mr Koh said.

"The car is stuck there hanging. He can’t reverse either,” he added. "I heard from residents this is the second time (this has happened)."

SCDF sent an ambulance to the scene, but when they had arrived no one was trapped in the vehicle. A man in his 60s also declined to be sent to the hospital.

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