Teenager scoffs 13 bowls of cereal

A teenager is appealing for help to beat his cereal addiction as he munches 13 bowls of the carb-heavy snack every day.

Teenager scoffs 13 bowls of cereal

A teenager scoffs 13 bowls of cereal a day.

Phillip Patrick, 19, is determined to crack his addiction after he piled on the pounds by gulping down six boxes of the carbohydrate-heavy meal and 15 pints of milk a week.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the young man - who has a child - said: I know I'm still young but I'm not getting any younger and I need to be better for my son. I used to be quite an active lad, playing football, cycling and running.

"But now I've got no energy. I struggle to walk up the stairs because I'm so out of breath. It has become a habit now. It's part of my daily lifestyle. I've been doing it for three years."

Phillip - who now weighs 15 stone - is asking for help to beat his cereal habit after it led to him losing his pub job.

He's also been warned his erratic eating behaviour could cause him to develop cancer or heart disease.

He added: "The last time a couple of months ago I threw my sugar away and I only lasted two days. As soon as I saw a bag of sugar I had to buy it. I'm usually quite a patient person, and when I have sugar and cereal I'm quite happy. But in between bowls or if I can't have it I can be very, very moody. I need help to get my life back."

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