Thieves return guide dog and say 'sorry'

Thieves who stole a guide dog returned the pooch with a letter asking for forgiveness.

Thieves return guide dog and say 'sorry'

Thieves have returned a stolen guide dog with an apology note.

The gang in China stole a seven-year-old Labrador retriever named Qiaoqiao - who was a guide dog for Tian Fengbo - to sell for meat.

The incident took place when the owner was walking in Beijing's Shunyi district and men in a grey van snatched his companion.

However, hundreds of people on social media raged when they heard the news and their disapproval must have appealed to the thieves' guilty conscience, as they returned the pooch once they read the missing pets appeal.

The animal, which is one of only 100 guide dogs in the whole of China, was consequently returned to safety with a note that read: "Please forgive us!"

The Times newspaper reports that Masseur Fengbo confirmed: "Quaoqiao is doing well, last night she was a bit low spirited, but now she's fine. She's right beside me, bouncing and vivacious."

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