Tiger Air uses tape to “mend” plane window

Would you dare take the flight if you saw this?

Tiger Air uses tape to “mend” plane window

We know Tiger Air is a budget airline but they are taking their cost-cutting ways a bit too far.

A photo of the airline using duct tape to “mend” its cabin window has caused a stir online. The image, which showed five pieces of duct tape holding the window frame in place, was first posted on humour site 9GAG last Thursday.

The post attracted more than 500 comments on the website, with many netizens sharing their disbelief at the photo.

“Good Lord. What's wrong with [these] people?” commented MarissaOsman.

Another netizen, g1ggl3s, wrote: “Imagine.. while the plane is flying, suddenly that window falls off!”

When queried, a Tiger Air spokesperson reportedly admitted that cracks had appeared on the window surface and that taping it was just a temporary fix.

He added that passenger and cabin crew safety is of utmost importance to the airline, and that the window will be replaced immediately.

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