Toddler steals $5,000 to buy Zayn Malik

A two-year-old toddler stole $5,000 from her father's safe to "buy" the former 'One Direction' singer Zayn Malik.

Toddler steals $5,000 to buy Zayn Malik

A toddler stole $5,000 from her father to buy Zayn Malik.

The two-year-old, named Jules, secretly took money from her dad's safe in Washington and transported it in her lunch box in a bid to purchase the former One Direction singer.

But the little one was caught out by her Aunt Haya before she managed to part with the cash.

The toddler's aunt took to her Twitter account last week to share the hilarious situation, writing: "When ur niece steals 5k from her dad's safe and takes it to daycare (sic)."

In a video taken by the relative asking her niece about her plan, Jules screamed: " I want Zayn! I want to buy Zayn!'

Although, the young fan did not succeed in her plot to nab the 'Pillow Talk' soloist, she did get a retweet from the hunky star.

Zayn wrote: "This girl is so cute,"

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