Tortoise called home using sounds of orgy

Owners managed to find their lost pet tortoise after blasting the sound of an orgy through some speakers to get him to return home.

Tortoise called home using sounds of orgy

A lost tortoise found his way home when his owners blasted pornographic sounds through speakers to attract his attention.

The Horner family had let Boris out for a stroll around the garden when he managed to escape.

After sniffer dog companies and searching for the pet using infra-red lights failed, the family's children had an epiphany and decided to try and tempt their pet home using recordings of tortoise sex on YouTube.

Pamela Horner told The Times newspaper: "We had spent many hours looking for Boris. We went back outside, played that, and lo and behold Boris appeared."

Dr James Gibbs - who studies Galapagos tortoises - confirmed that the species will be attracted to the sounds of a reptilian orgy.

He said: "Males do troll around for the sounds of mating. They make quite a lot of noise - we can hear them groaning for miles."

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