UFO stolen from museum

A teenager who stole the spaceship model attached to the front of the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, on March 19 has been arrested.

UFO stolen from museum

A boy has been arrested for stealing a spaceship from a museum.

A teenager stole a metal and fiberglass version of a spaceship from the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico - the site of supernatural sightings in the 1940s - on March 19.

The model, which was affixed to the front of the tourist attraction had been damaged following a recent snowstorm and was being stored behind the museum in preparation for its restoration prior to its disappearance.

It's reported that the teenager - who was arrested on Saturday (26.03.16) - was accompanied by two others who assisted in the space invasion and helped haul the saucer on to a truck.

The scientific prop was recovered two miles west of the city on Wednesday (23.03.16), although officers are still searching for the accomplices.

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