Vicar's mid-wedding selfie

A vicar entertained guests and the bride and groom in church when he pulled out a selfie-stick during the ceremony he was officiating.

Vicar's mid-wedding selfie

A Vicar pulled out a selfie stick at the altar during a wedding.

Bride Emma Scarborough was left stunned when Vicar Paul Frost asked the church-goers to gather round.

Emma recalled: "I was walking down the aisle and I got to the end and the vicar started speaking to us.

"He said 'we are gathered here today to join these two in holy matrimony but first - let me take a selfie'."

Emma, 26, and her husband-to-be Jamie, 28, now have an "amazing" memory of their special moment in St John's Anglican Church in Corby, Northants.

Mum-of-two Emma told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The best man had mentioned the idea to him before I got there. I had no idea he was going to do it. It was so good, really amazing.

"He was such a cool vicar and it made it such a lovely atmosphere."

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