Woman finds condom inside cake

A woman found a used condom baked inside a cake she bought at a supermarket in Russia.

Woman finds condom inside cake

A woman claims she found a 'used condom' in the middle of her shop-bought cake.

The shopper was just about to tuck into a slice of the sweet treat when she made the gross discovery.

She had bought the Easter treat - which is similar to Italian panettone cakes - to mark Orthodox Easter Day on May 1 and purchased it from the in-house bakery at her local O'Key supermarket in the city of Tyumen, in south-central Russia's Tyumen Oblast region.

Tatiana said: "When we cut the cake, we saw a strange rubber object. Initially we thought it might be a rubber glove."

But on closer inspection it turned out to be a used condom that had been baked along with the rest of the cake.

Tatiana, who believes the disgusting addition was an act of revenge from an employee who had just been sacked from the store, complained to the shop's head office.

However, she was even more shocked when she learned that the store only employs women at its store bakery.

O'Key supermarket is investigating the incident, but it insists that the foreign object inside the cake was a finger from a rubber glove.

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