Yappy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth's birthday cake as been re-imagined by baking giants Stork and 'Great British Bake Off' star Edd Kimber, who've invented Candy the Corgi in her honour.

Yappy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth

Baking brand Stork have re-imagined Britain's Queen Elizabeth's cake for her 90th birthday.

They've turned the popular caterpillar-shaped cake into a Candy the Corgi in honour of Her Majesty, who will reach the milestone on Thursday (21.04.16), and her much-loved dogs by teaming up with 'Great British Bake Off' star Edd Kimber to encompass ingredients the Queen is rumoured to love.

A unique candy face based on Candy herself, topped with a crown finishes off the playful bake - an essential touch, as every Brit knows this is saved for the Birthday girl.

Cake-making pro, Ed explained: "I love a caterpillar cake as much as the next Brit and so jumped at the chance of re-imagining the Birthday classic for the Queen's special day. The flavours in the fluffy sponge, from the honey through to the whipped cream, are all delicious, quintessentially British ingredients and the design is uniquely personal. It's the perfect way to say a happy birthday to her majesty."

And Stork's brand manager, Pedro Costa commented: "As her majesty is turning 90 this year, we were keen to not fall into that trap, and create something unique to celebrate the Queen. Thanks to the combination of ingredients that her majesty is rumoured to love, and the personal twist on the classic caterpillar cake design - we think Candy is a yappy success that people can create at home too!"

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