YO! Sushi team up with Babymetal

Yo! Sushi have teamed up with Japanese pop stars Babymetal to bring music to food lovers, in the first of many collaborations.

YO! Sushi team up with Babymetal

YO! Sushi hosted Japanese pop group Babymetal's album launch in London on Friday (01.04.16).

The restaurateurs cooked up a lavish spread from their delicious new menu for the band, which includes female members Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal, for the VIP playback event of their new record 'Metal Renaissance' at London's Southbank branch.

Fans were treated to succulent sashimi and other delights which were curated in Tokyo, while Babymetal's songs were played to the packed out restaurant.

The event kicked off a series of music collaborations for YO! Sushi, as they recently announced they will unite with music stars from Japan and hope to give food lovers a better cultural experience.

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