10 reasons to date someone who doesn’t use a smartphone

Who needs a Galaxy S6 or an Apple Watch? Nokia 3310 FTW

date someone without a smartphone


Have you ever met someone (under 40) who didn’t own a smartphone? Maybe you called him a caveman. Maybe you asked how he could survive without Google Maps. Maybe you even offered to buy one for him. But the more addicted we become to personal devices, the more we wish people would stop using them. Don’t you get a little depressed seeing everyone stuck to their phones during a family dinner? Don’t you feel a little disgusted finding out that your new boyfriend is a Toilet Tweeter? With the advent of the Apple Watch, which allows you to check messages or send your location at the flick of a wrist, we’ll be more connected than ever in a few months’ time. Maybe the few people in Singapore who still carry around a dumbphone are onto something. The next time you meet one, don’t laugh at him. Here’s why he would be the perfect boyfriend:

1. He probably has an awesome sense of direction (at least he knows how to read a map)
It’s safe to say that our self-reliance – and certainly our sense of direction – took a plunge when we started using Google Maps. We can’t imagine reading paper maps anymore. No GPS? No handy blue arrow to point you in the right direction? No features to tell you how long it will take to arrive at your destination? A guy who doesn’t use a smartphone not only knows how to navigate by himself, but if you’re lucky, he’ll be humble enough to ask strangers for directions.

2. He won’t be checking his phone throughout a date
When was the last time someone gave you their undivided attention? Without his phone buzzing all the time, your date will be less distracted, more present, and well, more polite. You’ll have him all to yourself! Yeah, yeah, not being able to WhatsApp him at all hours of the night sounds terrible, but he will be more appreciative of your time together when he knows you’re not accessible 24/7.

3. He’s less addicted to stupid mobile games
Unless he’s the type of guy who stays home at a computer (or is addicted to Snake), you’ll be happy to know that your S.O. does something other than playing games when he’s on the train. Maybe he listens to music. Maybe he reads a book! Okay, maybe he’s sleeping, but the power nap will get him further than an hour playing Clash of Clans.  

4. He gets to save money
S$60 a month for a data plan doesn’t seem too excessive if you’re a young working professional, but let’s say you can save S$40 a month by opting out of data. That’s almost S$5000 a year! Or like, S$24,000 in five years. Think of what you could use that money for in the long run!

5. You can post a thousand questionable selfies and food photos on Instagram without him noticing
“Would he be turned off by the fact that I’m posting my fifth bathroom selfie this week?” Since he’s not on Instagram, you’ll never have to find out. So bust out the duck lips and snap away! He might not understand your compulsive need to take food photos before every meal, but that’s typical of most guys, smartphone users or not.

6. Less chances of being “low batt” and unreachable
As anyone who grew up in the mid-2000s would know, there’s no such thing as “my phone died” when you’re using a Nokia 3310. So if you’re worried about your smartphone-eschewing guy being unreachable due to “low batt”, don’t be. He could be lost in the woods on a 10 percent charge and still survive for the rest of the week.

7. He’s more thoughtful and reflective
Remember those days when we had nothing to do on the way home except to take in our surroundings? When we would spend our bus rides people-watching and thinking about our day? When we could be comfortable with our own thoughts and feelings for longer than five minutes? Nowadays, it seems like the only time we’re off the grid is when we’re in the shower. Being away from your smartphone frees you from the distractions of daily life, leaving you time for meditation, reflection, and rest.

8. He’s more productive
Smartphones were designed to increase productivity, but they’ve made us more haphazard than ever. Nothing short of putting your phone on silent between 9 to 6 pm will stop the stream of Tweets, group chat messages, email notifications, and Instagram “Likes”  from interrupting your workflow. Sure, the calendar app is useful, but what happened to simply being attentive enough to remember your appointments? Without a smartphone, your S.O. will have set aside a specific time to catch up on social media, meaning that he can complete the rest of his tasks without constantly checking for updates.

9. He’s less negative
Numerous studies have shown that comparing your life to the lives of your Facebook friends can make you miserable. They’re taking vacations around the world, and you’re still working overtime. They’re eating homecooked meals, you’re eating last night’s leftover takeaway. They’re out with their friends, you’re at home watching your Lord of the Rings extended edition DVDs for the tenth time (actually, that sounds awesome, but you get the point). Less time with a smartphone means less time psychotically browsing your friends’ newsfeeds to find someone whose life is worse than yours.

10. He’ll actually call you  
No combination of emojis can compare to a simple, spoken “I love you” before bedtime. And since he’s been offline all day, he’ll have to ask you how your day went. Imagine genuinely not knowing! Such is the power of life without constant notifications. Don’t be surprised if join him in reviving your decades-old Nokia at the end of the year.


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