7 benefits of being the last to get married

Why it's not so bad to be the only single person in your group of friends.


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So what you’ve dreaded has finally come to pass. All of your friends are married, engaged, or in serious relationships, while you’re still stuck swiping left on Tinder. THIS IS THE WORST. Or so you think. While the world would have us believe that being the last one standing is the saddest thing ever, there are a ton of benefits to being the sole singleton in a sea full of happy couples. Don’t believe us? Try telling us you can’t relate to the following:

1. You can listen to all your friends' drama without participating in it

Let’s get the biggest and greatest benefit out of the way first. Nothing makes you more grateful to be single than witnessing all of the trouble your friends have to deal with after they get attached. We’re talking fights, cold wars, disapproving in-laws, HDB balloting troubles, jealous ex-girlfriends, and more. They need to wake up early for Sunday brunch with his family, while you get to sleep in until noon (enjoy it while it lasts, cuz that certainly ain’t happening once you have children).

2.Their boyfriends can introduce you to their single friends
Dating is a numbers game. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to find someone. Once all your friends get attached, your network of potential partners will essentially double. Think about it: for every new boyfriend who enters the fold, you have access to a fresh pool of cousins, coworkers, brothers, and bros. If your friends can’t find anyone for you, then perhaps their boyfriends can intervene.

3. You have an incentive to meet more people
Most couples we talk to admit that they can become a little too comfortable after getting together, opting to stay home or eat with other couples instead of meeting new people. Once all your friends get attached, you’ll have no choice but to befriend some new people. Yes, yes, it sounds a little tiring, but you will also grow as a person and open up doors of opportunity while living out of your comfort zone.

4. Your friends can give you tips once it's your turn to plan a wedding or buy a flat
The first person to get married in your group of friends might have struck the jackpot early in life, but they’re the guinea pigs – meaning that you have the benefit of consulting them for all the “troublesome” parts of getting hitched once it’s your turn to walk down the aisle. You can ask them for advice on setting a wedding budget, or even ask them how to deal with crazy in-laws on the big day. Some wedding studios may even offer a slight discount after your friend’s referrals.

5. Everyone will dote on you once you finally get attached
Who says you will be “forever alone” forever?! The awesome thing about being the last person in your group of friends to get attached is that everyone will be so relieved that you found someone, that they’ll celebrate it with tons of fanfare. Not only will they be excited to meet the guy, but they will actually let you babble away about how much you like him. Heck, your wedding will feel more significant to them (thus ensuring their attendance) simply because it’s the last wedding of the group.

6. You get to inherit all of their baby clothing and accessories once it's your turn to pop one out
By now, your friends’ toddler-aged children would have long outgrown their adorable newborn onesies and designer dresses – meaning that your child will get a ton of #SWAGGY hand-me-downs. No need to feel guilty about dressing your baby in outfits that cost half a month’s salary, since they all came courtesy of your long-married friends.

7. You will see who your real friends are
Your friends might not be around as much once they get attached, but the real ones will continue taking an interest in your life. They will meet up with you (sans boyfriend!) to catch up and will make sure you’re not spending any major holidays alone. They will respect your wishes when you tell them to stop match-making you, but they will be ready with a roster of eligible bachelors should you need to avail of any. 

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