Weird things people do for company

If you think talking to yourself is strange, wait till you see what other lonely hearts are doing out there.

Whether you enjoy spending time alone or in the company of friends, we all can agree that loneliness can be depressing.

But fret not, there is now an anti-loneliness chair that will give you a hug whenever you need one. Built in the shape of a larger-than-life human doll with arms long enough to wrap around you in an embrace, these chairs can also play music and ‘talk’ - in the form of programmed reminders.

If you think this sounds a little bizarre, wait till you see what other lonely hearts are doing out there.

Weird things lonely people do - boyfriend girlfriend pillow

Snuggle up to a Girlfriend/Boyfriend Pillow

Apparently hugging a pillow or bolster isn’t enough, there are some who want to fondle, or be cuddled, in their sleep too. Enter the curvaceous Girlfriend Pillow, complete with squishy boobs.

These bed buddies were so popular that they sold out on a US website a couple of years ago. And for the ladies, there’s the Boyfriend Pillow that will cuddle all night without snoring. Score!

Weird things lonely people do - mokbang

Dine online

Most of us would think nothing of catching a quick bite alone before heading home after work. Not the Koreans.

In a country where eating alone is culturally frowned upon, tens of thousands of Koreans are flocking online to dine with fellow netizens, or just simply watch them eat. Called mokbang or “eating broadcast”, these live webcasts of people stuffing their faces has spawned mokbang stars, who make more than US$9,000 a month just from chowing down dinner. Where do we sign up to start our own show?

Weird things lonely people do - Tamagotchi

Rear a virtual pet

Hands up if you had a Tamagotchi or three?

These pocket virtual pets were all the rage when they were launched in 1996 and some parents even used them as a ‘test bed’ before getting their kids a pet. More needy than the real deal, these digital ones required lots of TLC - they were always hungry, pooped a ton, and I remembered mine wasn’t very pleased with me most of the time.

Well, the good news is if you want to relive those memories, you can get the revamped Tamagotchi or just download the free mobile app, which come complete with new characters and features like colour. Let’s hope they have longer life expectancies too.

  Weird things lonely people do - couple shots

Take fake couple shots

Single Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi was so envious of lovebirds and their PDA that he resorted to creating fake couple selfies. Called “hitori date” (one-man date) photos, these shots taken singlehandedly by Jinushi in public - sans girlfriend - require some practise and mild contortion to execute.

Jinushi’s so proud of them, he’s even blogged about how one can go about nailing that perfect shot. Try only if you have thick skin.

Weird things lonely people do - manservant

Hire a man servant to wait on you

Ladies with extra moolah to spare can now hire hot man servants to wait on and pamper you.

For US$125 an hour, these hunky butlers will treat you like the Queen and respond to your every whim (hanky panky is off limits). Want him to serenade you? Sure. Hold and swipe your iPad as you read? No problem. You can even name him if you want. If only our significant others were half as obedient...

Weird things lonely people do - makeout pillow

Make-out with a pillow

Okay, we’ve not heard of anyone who has actually used this but the thought that this was even invented is a little unsettling. But if you really desire to practise making out, you’ll be pleased to know these mouths are no stranger to lip action - they were made from CPR dummies.

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