Programme Synopsis (English)

Singapore Parenting Congress 2016


Active Parenting – Developing Your Child Holistically

English Session 1 
9:30am – 1:00pm
Speaker: Mr James Gary Satchy

Every parent wants success for their children. But what is true success and how do we achieve it?

In today’s world and tomorrow’s future, we see challenges that require more than academic excellence. A child needs holistic development in order to be a true success!

This talk will focus on what parents can intentionally do to develop their children in 4 areas –

Active Learning: Children will experience set-backs in their studies. How to help your child set goals to overcome academic setbacks?

Character Choices: Our child’s choices are influenced by a variety of factors. How to grow a child that makes choices based on character values rather than peer pressure or impulse?

Emotional Health: Children will face tough times that “rock” their world. What can parents offer their children to be emotionally resilient in tough times? 

Social Skills: A child’s self-image is affected by their social interactions. How to help your child be a good friend and make new friends?

All these areas are interlinked to help our children be resilient in the face of challenges so that they can be true successes in life.

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Shared Parenting – The Active Fathering Difference

English Session 2 
9.30am – 1.00pm
Speaker: Mr Edwin Choy

Most parents are deeply concerned about their children’s future.  The chances of your child succeeding in navigating this increasingly challenging world, increases with intentional preparation. Your interaction with your child now can make a difference in building them up to be resilient people.

1. Research On Fathering

The difference involved fathers make in their children’s lives

2. The ICAN of Fathering

How fathers can connect with their children now

3. Building Resilience in Children

Fostering strength, hope and optimism in your children

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Active Parenting – Preparing Your Child For The Future

English Session 3 
2.30pm – 6.00pm
Speaker: Mrs Esther Lai
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Did you know that loving your child means wanting what is best for them long-term? 

Parenting children can be incredibly challenging and sometimes we think it was all about surviving homework, tests and examinations. Whilst most of time, we are focusing on and bringing up our children to a level of achievement, we might have forgotten the basics of what our parents did train us up in and how success is defined in this generation. Think of a 10 year child. Fifteen years forward, does he/she have what it takes to cope with the real world?

In this talk, we will share on how as parents, we can inculcate values and build social and emotional competences so that our children will realise their full potential. 

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“Give Me 5 More Minutes Please???”

FaceTime vs ScreenTime: Finding The Right Balance

English Session 4 
9.30am – 1.00pm
Speaker: Mr Chong Ee Jay
*This session is also available in Mandarin. For more, click here

“What is the last thing we touch before we sleep and the first thing we touch when we wake up?”

“How much screen time on the smartphone should I give to my child every day?”

“When is the suitable age to give my child a smartphone?”

“I want to have interaction time with my family but everyone is glued to their screens! What can I do about it?”

There is a growing prevalence of mobile gadget usage in Singapore. Pre-school toddlers are being nanny-ed with smart mobile devices. Primary school children are pressurizing their parents to buy them a smartphone. Secondary and Tertiary teenagers seem to must have a smartphone because of the endless group chats. Parents ourselves are often guilty of being glued to our screens too for work and entertainment that we sometimes neglect quality family time.

We all recognize the importance of family face time (face to face interaction time) but yet so often fall into the alluring trap of screen time. What can we do about it?

In this session, parents will gain insights into their children’s mobile and digital technology habits, as well as how to connect and engage with their children more effectively. Parents will learn of good practices and practical advices in setting healthy boundaries at home to cultivate good digital usage habits leading to right balance of face time and screen time.  

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The Joys Of Grand-parenting

English Session 5 
9.30am – 1.00pm
Speaker: Dr Khoo Kim Choo 
*This session is also available in Mandarin. For more, click here.

We can’t choose whether we want to be a grandparent or not. But we can choose to be the kind of grandparent we want to be. 

Some of us are on call 24/7 while others may see their grandchildren once a week or occasionally. We often happily serve as babysitters, chauffeurs, cooks and provider of special treats. We contribute to the children’s well-being and development in many ways while supporting their working parents.  Sometimes there are issues that need to be addressed: do parents expect too much of grandparents? What if parents disagree with grandparents’ way of taking care of the children? What if grandparents feel that young children should play and not have to attend so many classes?  

Grandparents also have a life of their own and should not feel obligated or be expected to be responsible for the grandchildren at all times.  Much as we enjoy our grandchildren and helping out our grown up children, we need to make time for ourselves - to exercise, have fun with our friends and pursue our own interests.

This session celebrates grand-parenting and is targeted at both grandparents and parents.

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Preparing Your Child For Successful Transition: Pre-school To Primary School

English Session 6 
2.30pm – 6.00pm
Speaker: Mrs Elsie Tan-Chua

How do we prepare our children for primary school?  

How do we ensure that our children are better able to cope with the transition from pre-school? 

In this workshop, find out practical ways and means to support your children in the next phase of their journey. Your child’s pre-school will have put in place preparatory programmes and measures in the kindergarten 2 year to your child.  

Find out how you can partner your child’s pre-school teacher in successfully paving the way for your child to give him or her a good start to the primary school years.  

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Are You A Superhero To Your Child? (Discussion Session)

Closing Dialogue Session 
2.30pm – 6.00pm
Moderator: Susan Ng
Panellists: Ms Diana Ser, Mr Jeff Cheong, Mr Edmund Tay, Dr Khoo Kim ChooMrs Esther Lai and Mr Steven Chia

Many working parents often find themselves juggling the demands of work and have little time left for their children, much less understand what goes on in their minds. Even when we are at home with our children, we are physically present but mentally are in a galaxy far away.

If you struggle to maintain a balance between work and family, there are ways to make the most of your parent-child moments.

During this session, Channel NewsAsia’s brand new documentary series “Don’t Kid Around” will provide us with insights into what goes on in the minds of 4-year-olds as they navigate life in preschool through a special preview of its first episode. Get advice from fellow parents as well as experts on how you can juggle between work and family and unleash your parenting super powers!

Join local celebrity mum Diana Ser, popular TV host, Steven Chia, Families for Life Council member Jeff Cheong, popular parenting blogger Edmund Tay, Founder-Director of Preschools for Multiple Intelligences Dr Khoo Kim Choo, Family Life educator Esther Lai in an engaging discussion on how we can achieve an optimal work-life balance, as we seek to understand our children and build strong relationships with them.

Discussion topics include:
- Growing up: Lessons in the school of hard knocks
- Is there such a thing as ‘over-parenting’? How can we prepare our children for a future we don’t know?
- Parental expectations on children: How much is too much?
- It takes a village to raise a child: The role of extended family in a child’s development
- Decompressing and finding the ‘me’ time – Mission impossible?
- Impact of technology on parenting: Development or disaster?
- When parents go to work: The role of grand-parents

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