5 Secret White Sand Beaches in Southeast Asia

Visit these beaches before they are invaded by tourists

Have you been dreaming of travelling to those beaches in Southeast Asia for that wonderful, relaxing holiday? Do you close your eyes and imagine untouched, white sand beaches that stretch out into the sunset? Such idyllic places are harder and harder to find but allow us to take you on a wonderful journey to some of the most stunning and serene beaches we uncovered in Asia with our top 5 secret white sand beaches.

1. Belitung Island, Indonesia

Beaches in Southeast Asia

Belitung Island

A beautiful island, Belitung is blessed with some of the best beaches in Indonesia, and is also one of the most enchanting islands in Southeast Asia. Situated off the east coast of Sumatra, the pearly, white sands of Belitung Island are as soft as palm sugar and the seas are as clear as glass. The beaches of Belitung are unique for their particularly intriguing landscape of magnificent granite stones that rest like giant pillars within the shallow, azure waters. Some of these incredible rock formations are the size of a house, and even have short tunnels running underneath them. Fringed with long sandbars and healthy coral reefs that are perfect for snorkeling, Belitung is a relaxing and exciting escape for sunbathers and adventurers alike.

More information about Belitung island, here.

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