Sonia Says: #TravelSSBD: What To Do In Pattaya

Sonia explores everything from the seabed to the sky

Most people only think of Pattaya as a beach getaway because of its location on the coast of Thailand – and I have to admit, before this #travelSSBD trip, I was one of them. I’d been before, but a very long time ago and all I could remember was beaches.

This time though, I didn’t even step on a beach…there were just so many other things to do!

After landing and checking in at one of the many gorgeous hotels that seem to be all over this seaside city, my first stop was the stunning Sanctuary of Truth. I’m not sure how to even describe it properly – it’s like a massive 105-metre-tall religious monument and an art installation rolled into one, with sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist deities all over it. I was so glad my Canon EOS M10’s wifi function allows for the shutter to be triggered remotely via a smart phone, enabling me wide-angle shots to capture such a massive complex!

TravelSSBD - Pattaya
Built-in photo enhancements tools help enhance landscape photos 

Fun fact: The guy who commissioned the sanctuary is a Thai millionaire who’s passionate about preserving traditional building techniques, so this is carved entirely of wood without any nails. It’s truly a sight to behold and I was totally blown away.

Next, I went somewhere I never would’ve thought would be in Pattaya: Silverlake Vineyard. Yep, there’s actually a vineyard here! This is the only one in the east of Thailand and it’s owned by a former Thai leading actress, Supansa Nuangphirom.

TravelSSBD - Pattaya
Making my own movie with the grape vines using my Canon EOS M10

Of course, I took the opportunity to make my own movie here too with my Canon EOS M10, which produces full HD 1080p videos at 30/24 fps. There were so many natural features like a lake, fields of flowers and more that made for spectacular backdrops. Then we had wine for breakfast – who can complain?

If you’re travelling with kids (or heck, if you’re a kid yourself at heart), you have to go to Cartoon Network Amazone. This is the popular network’s first water theme park in the world, and it’s super fun!

TravelSSBD - Pattaya
Cartoon network themepark!

There are over 30 rides featuring popular Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time and the Powerpuff Girls, so whether you’re chicken or gung-ho, there’s something for you. I took photos of everything – thank goodness my Canon EOS M10 is so light and easy to carry around even with its DSLR capabilities!

I also got to be Jacques Cousteau…for a few minutes anyway. On nearby Ko Larn island, you can go water exploring and walk on the seabed.

TravelSSBD - Pattaya
I look like an Astronaut, only that I’m going underwater  

All you have to do is put on this astronaut helmet-looking thing and go into the water. It’s the strangest feeling because your head stays dry but the rest of you is wet – weird but cool.

The highlight of this Pattaya trip though, was definitely going skydiving. I mean, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do…until I actually got on the plane. I was terrified and thought I wouldn’t be able to do it until I was “helped” off by the instructor I was jumping in tandem with. But you know what? It’s the best thing in the world!

TravelSSBD - Pattaya
Adrenaline rush for skydiving is totally awesome!

I would do it again 100 times; it’s a real adrenaline rush. If you don’t have the time to go to Australia or the US to do it, Thailand is the place. I was on cloud nine – literally!

I think this was one of my favouritest trips ever, if there’s such a word. Honestly, I didn’t expect much from Pattaya – like maybe just sea sports. But it totally blew my mind. It’s like: Pattayasssssss!!!

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