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The London Zoo, Regent’s Park, London, England


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Start at the Aquarium, where your little one will have an “under the sea” experience with exotic fishes and delightful penguins. Over at Gorilla Kingdom, your mini dynamo can “hang out” with the Western lowland gorillas as well as snakes and lizards at the Reptile House. Junior can continue his creepy-crawly adventures at Bugs! (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival), where creatures like naked mole rats are displayed in cases that are at tot height. At Butterfly Paradise, he’ll encounter the pretty winged creatures, and spot prized giraffes, zebras and hunting dogs when he steps Into Africa.

During the Rainforest Life walk, junior can interact with cheeky red titi monkeys, sleepy sloths and gold lion tamarins, plus animals hanging freely from the treetops. At dedicated children’s zoo Animal Adventures, your tyke will crawl through tunnels and meet meerkats on the other side of a glass barrier. They can pet and feed goats and sheep at the Touch Zone, while the Splash Zone offers plenty of water fun. Don’t forget to bring a spare set of clothes with you.

Animals aside, you’ll recognise bits from the Harry Potter movies here, so you’ll have a winner on your hands.

Admission, which varies according to season, from £20/$39 (adult), £15.50 (children aged 3 and above). Free for children 3 years and below.

Accomodation: The Novotel London Tower Bridge (www., from £195 per night) offers free breakfast for kids under 16. Or live it up at the Athenaeum (www.athenaeumhotel. com, from £400 per night). Here, your children enjoy their own concierge service, which ensures that their favourite DVDs and treats will be waiting for them when they arrive.
Transport: Singapore Airlines flies to Heathrow Airport from $1,442.
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