Rebecca Lim on perking up and eating well

What do REBECCA LIM and former World No. 1 tennis champ LLEYTON HEWITT have in common? For one, they both admit to mornings when they “just hit the alarm clock and snooze”. We get the ambassadors of Aussie multivitamin brand Swisse to dish tips on perking up and eating well.

Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim

How to...Get out of bed in the morning when you don’t feel like it
“I sometimes just hit my alarm clock and snooze a lot. (Laughs) There are definitely mornings when I feel like I could do with more sleep, but that feeling doesn’t last long, ’cos I’m used to waking up at 7am, even on weekends. I’ve become a morning person! I used to be a night owl — my optimum time to study [during my school days] was 2am. But now that I have to work, my body clock is okay for mornings.”

How to...Look bright-eyed after late nights
“I take supplements. It gives me energy to get through the day. Filming [for The Journey: Our Homeland] is so hectic. Sometimes I don’t get enough sleep and the next day I have to wake up and memorise tons of lines. Of course, hydration and eating healthily is important too. We [artistes] don’t get to choose our meals on set sometimes, and we don’t have salads ready for us all the time. So it’s really about supplementing our diet with minerals that we don’t get from food. I’ve been taking multivitamins and [Swisse’s] Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails. It doesn’t hurt to have better hair and skin!”

How to...Eat well
“If I want to detox, I just drink more water and green tea to feel a bit better, even if it's just psychological. (Laughs) My guilty pleasure is rice. I tried going on a no-carb diet and I couldn’t take it. I did lose a lot of weight, but it was unhealthy. I think it’s more important to take everything in moderation, even if it means I’m not the skinniest. I put on 1kg after Chinese New Year, which is still acceptable to me. I don’t go crazy [and binge]. I went for one round of circuit training, so I think that got rid of the extra weight, right? (Laughs) I also stay away from alcohol. I don’t see any benefits [in drinking]. While I do have a few sips here and there at celebrations with friends, I don’t like the effects of drinking too much. There are too many extra calories in alcohol, and I don’t behave in a way I’d like myself to behave, so I stopped.” 

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