10 types of interns you’ll find in every office

Ah, intern season. That magical time of the year when Human Resources floods our offices with a host of fresh faces.  In fact, we’ve gone through so many that the pool’s starting to become a little predictable. 


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1. The incompetent one who is only interning because his dad is the boss
This entitled, wealthy intern has never had to work for anything. While his classmates were breaking their backs for an internship, all his took was a five-minute phone call and a trip to Armani for a new suit (paid for by Papa, of course). He may think he’s qualified for the job because he and his father share the same set of genes, but everyone knows that the only reason he’ll go on to snag one of the coveted full-time positions is that he’s not ashamed to pull those strings.

2. The old person who wants to start over
This intern is so old, everyone mistakes him for the manager. This person probably has a family, three degrees, and two decades of work under his belt. But in his old age, idealism struck and now he’s tossed his former career away to start anew as an overqualified intern. While others snicker at how out-of-place he looks when surrounded by fellow interns so young that they could be his children, you appreciate being assisted by someone who is mature, focused, and in possession of a solid work ethic.

3. The one who think he’s too good for his internship
This intern makes no effort to hide his disdain for your workplace. He constantly whines about how HR screwed him over, and that there has to be a mistake in his placement because your department wasn’t even in his top five choices. He lords his previous internships over his fellow interns, taking on the mantle as their fearless leader due to his “superior” work experience. 

4. The eager beaver who’s enthusiastic to the point of being annoying
This poor intern tries so hard to earn the boss’ good graces, only to fall spectacularly out of favour when her zealousness starts to get on people’s nerves. She SMS-es everyone off-hours to give suggestions about processes, she CCs the entire team to point out one person’s mistakes (which she dutifully corrected), and she actually says “YAY” when the boss calls for a meeting at 5 pm.

5. The ghost
You didn’t even know this person was interning until he said goodbye to you on his last day. He came and went without talking to you face-to-face, without attending any meetings, and miraculously, without buying anyone coffee.

6. The “famous” blogger hired for her online following
By day, she’s just another undergraduate intern. But by night, she’s a locally celebrated blogger whose appearances and endorsements for skincare products give her a paycheck larger than what you make in a month.

7. The workaholic intern who stays later more than the full-time people do
This intern is industrious to a fault. At 7 am, she’s there. At 10 pm, she’s still there. She only eats out lunch once a week. And to your surprise, she even sends emails at 2 am on a Saturday. While some interns really do get overworked, this one’s just to have an outlet for her natural diligence.

8. The hot intern all your male colleagues have a crush on
No one gets more excited for intern season than your super-lonely male colleagues, who have no trouble leering at the hot young things who gaze upon them with wide-eyed reverence. While these cute girls (and occasionally, guys) rarely ever hook up with their superiors, they never pass up a chance to go drinking after work together – and mysteriously end up with the best assignments afterward.

9. The cunning sycophant
This is the one most capable of becoming a CEO – not because he’s especially capable, but because he’s an expert bootlicker. Out of all the interns, he’s the only one confident enough to ask one of his seniors out for lunch, where he will then drop bits of gossip about the other interns and pass off their ideas as his own. Once he’s won over you or your colleague (by showering him with praise, buying him coffee, and fawning over his achievements), he’ll aim higher, latching onto the first member of upper management who shows him special attention.

10. The helpful one who gets offered a job
Don’t get us wrong – not all interns are sneaky, unproductive, or just plain bad. Most of the ones we’ve worked with in various offices are good, if a little shy. But to be hired, an intern needs to be truly stellar. This person is intuitive, friendly, upbeat, hard-working, and self-assured. He has no reason to work overtime because he gets all his work done on time. And he has no reason to brown-nose because he’s talented enough to get noticed, while confident enough to not have to prove himself all the time. It’s pretty rare that we come across someone like this, but you’d better believe that we’re dying to snatch them for a full-time gig before anyone else can. 

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