10 ways an office BFF makes your horrible job worth having

A recent survey found that almost half of Singaporeans are unhappy with their jobs. Maybe an office BFF can help that. 


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A recent survey found that almost half of Singaporeans are unhappy with their jobs, with 75 per cent of employees saying that their jobs are only a means to make money and nothing more. As if that weren’t depressing enough, Singapore ranked second in the Asia-Pacific to last for job satisfaction.

While the survey did not reveal why we hate our jobs so much, if there’s one thing that’s made the daily grind infinitely more enjoyable, it’s the presence of our office BFFS. Sure, everyone says that corporate life is a dog-eat-dog world and that you should be wary of making personal connections, but do you really want to spend your waking hours as the lone conniving weirdo in the corner cubicle? Plus, what’s a night of working overtime without someone to split a pizza with or to whose company will spare you from a stress-induced stroke?

At any rate, your office BFF will have you back when schemers try to take you down. If you’ve got someone who fits the following traits, then you’re probably happier than most people about going to work on an early morning.  

1. An office BFF makes lunch awesome (even if the canteen food sucks)
Sad desk lunch? Nahh. Even if you and your work BFF are too tied up to eat together, they’ll at least accompany you to pick up food so that you can relax and joke around on the way there. On most days, however, they’ll be down to make the most of your lunchtime by heading out to try new restaurants and cafes.

2. An office BFF will entertain you during a slow day at work
While you guys work well together, you’re far from being goody-goodies. Your office BFF will happily message you hilarious links, memes, or emails throughout the day to temper the stress of a tiring workload. But of course, she’s smart enough to minimise the window when your boss walks by so that you don’t get accused of slacking off. 

3. An office BFF is in tune with your emotions
As wise as it is to leave your personal business at home, it’s good to have someone in the office who knows the rhythm of your moods and emotions. Your office BFF knows exactly when you need some encouragement, some cheering up, or to be serious. She’s smart enough to leave you alone when you’re working, but is intuitive enough to tell when you’re having a bad day and need a listening ear.

4. An office BFF will give you whatever you need, anytime you need it
Whether it’s an extra iPhone charger, painkillers, or a coins for the vending machine, your office BFF is always happy to help you in your time of need – no IOUs required. And you, of course, return to the favour, especially if the request is a little embarrassing (ladies, you know what we’re talking about).

5. An office BFF will answer your questions, no matter how dumb they are
While any decent colleague would answer your questions, it’s easy to waste time trying to solve problems yourself because you’re too embarrassed to ask for help. This ain’t the case when you’ve got a work BFF. Your friend is not only knowledge, but she won’t tease you for asking in the first place – even when your question is kind of frivolous, like, how to use the fax machine (when she’d already taught you six months prior).

6. An office BFF will warn you when the boss is on a rampage
This is especially helpful if your office BFF happens to sit near the door or heck, right next to the boss himself. While it’s probably inadvisable for her to give you live updates of your boss’ fluctuating moods, you can count on her to stop you from approaching him when he’s already on the verge of a meltdown.

7. An office BFF will not be afraid to help you succeed
It’s easy to think for yourself in the workplace. When someone asks for advice, you tell them only three-quarters of what they need to know so that their success cannot exceed yours. When someone asks you to help brainstorm, you give them your second-best ideas but keep the best ones for yourself. As a consequence, you never believe that anyone would be willing to really help you == that is, until you meet someone who isn’t afraid to help you fulfill your potential, even if it means you get promoted ahead of her.  They give you top-notch ideas, useful feedback, and are willing to share your workload when you’re clearly struggling. They may even go the extra mile by speaking highly of you to the boss or recommending you for a project that will give you a chance to shine. While such ego-less colleagues might sound like the stuff of fairytales, we can assure you that they exist – and if you find one, be sure that you reciprocate the favour.

8. An office BFF will uniquely understand all your work-related woes
No matter how close you are to your other friends, your work BFF is the only person who really understands what you’re going through. Only she can judge whether you’re overreacting or justified in your complaints – and only she can understand the necessity of needing 4 cups of coffee just to get through the day, or the irrational rage you feel at people who hit “reply all” on emails. That being said, she is uniquely positioned to encourage you through the tough times. While your friends outside of work can probably only offer some vague words of affirmation, your work BFF can speak specifically into your situation.

9. An office BFF will not care about your status
It doesn’t matter whether you’re the promising young up-start, the secretary, or the manager who’s been passed up for a promotion three years in a row. An office BFF has no ulterior motives in befriending you, nor is she concerned about how your position reflects on her. What matters is that you get along and that you’ll know better than to ignore her spam of instant messages about autocorrect fails or Game of Thrones gifs.

10. An office BFF is someone you’d actually want to hang out with in real life
The best thing about having a work BFF is that you may gain a friend in your personal life as well.  If this is someone you’d still want to talk to, eat dinner with, or even go on vacation with, despite already seeing them 60 hours a week, then you know you’ve found a keeper. 

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