5 ways millennials excel at in the workplace

(And 5 things they really suck at)


Ok, so we’ve all heard the usual diatribe about twenty-somethings being nightmare employees. Yet there are some redeeming plus points about millennials at the workplace that employers should take note of.

1. They are super flexible
If there’s one thing you can’t accuse millennials of, it’s inflexibility. Perhaps it’s because they grew up in a world in constant flux and amidst rapidly changing technology, but these 20-somethings are completely unruffled by change. New system that’s replacing the one that hasn’t changed in 20 years? No sweat. Hotdesking? Totally on it. Adaptability is a key strength in the modern workplace, and the millennials have it in droves.

2. They embrace technology
From the ever-changing social media platforms to the latest in presentation tools, you can bet that the millennial in the office is the one who’s most up-to-date with the new technologies out there. Plus, they tend to be ultra resourceful online, especially when it comes to procuring materials on Taobao.

3. They have passion in bucketloads
Contrary to their reputation for being apathetic, millennials actually have a lot of passion for their work as many view work as an extension of their personalities. If they are properly engaged, they can become the biggest advocates for their company. But if not, they can jump ship quicker than you can say “Probation’s over”.

4. They excel at creative and collaborative thinking
All those years of intensive project work and lateral thinking exercises at school mean that the majority of millennials are comfortable working in a group, and are probably pretty creative at problem solving.

5. They are digitally engaged
And since most companies need online and social media presence, your millennial colleague is probably the best suited to keeping your social media feeds up to speed.

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