8 career tips from a 29-year-old CEO

8 career tips from a 29-year-old CEO

8 career tips from a 29-year-old CEO

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At just 29 years of age, Eros Pennacchioni is already perched pretty high up on the career ladder: he is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Giudi, an Italian leather goods company founded by his father in 1975.

The IT graduate has been involved in the family business long before he officially claimed the position, helping out with exhibitions around the world and spending a lot of his childhood in the factories. Then, when the former CEO, his father, stepped down to concentrate on the production side, Eros took up the mantle from him.

“My father wanted somebody to take over his place, and since I’m younger and enjoy travelling, it was a good opportunity for me,” Eros told us in an interview before the grand opening of the label’s first Asian mono-brand boutique at Mandarin Gallery on 16 October.

So what are some wise words his papa passed on to him for the job? Joking that he gets advice from his dad “every hour”, Eros named a few basic tips, such as “don’t be afraid” and “think three or four times before doing something”.

Eros has a few lessons of his own for success in the workplace. Read on to find out what we learned from our chat with the young CEO:

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