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Daring DJ duo RAVE REPUBLIC has a very unique style of networking: They hand out customised condom packets as business cards (and no, we won’t show you what they look like)


WHO ARE THEY? RAVE REPUBLIC, the Daft Punk of the local DJ scene. Established in 2014, the Singapore-based DJ duo is made up of Swiss-born marketing grad MATHIAS SCHELL (above, right), 23, and Russia-born STAS MADORSKI, 27, formerly a brand manager at P&G. The dynamic duo not only spins regularly at clubs across the region, but also headlines regional music festivals. Following their major label debut ‘Far Away’, which topped the iTunes Electronic Music chart, they recently released their second single Shoot For The Moon.

8 DAYS: How did you guys meet and decide to work together?
MATHIAS SCHELL: Three years ago, I was DJ-ing in the club Mink, and Stas wanted to be in the spotlight ’cos he was trying to get over his ex-girlfriend after a bad break-up, and so he DJ-ed with me. We played together for an hour and had great chemistry on the decks.

STAS MADORSKI: It’s really very rare to find someone who can complement your playing style. And we realised we could create a strong brand with the both of us. We were solo artistes for so long, and coming together as a duo has really opened the world up to us. We’re touring a lot more now. Ironically, the break-up was what enabled it to happen. There are good and bad things to break-ups and this were a good thing to come out of it.

What’s one thing you’ve learnt on the job that they never taught you in school?
STAS: Networking — building a fan base, connecting with people.

MATHIAS: As a DJ, if you want to be successful and get a lot of bookings, you’ve got to go down to the clubs and get friendly with as many people — the club managers, DJs, whoever.

STAS: At the end of the day, if you’re not approaching people, tussling for fans, bookings or record label deals, you’re going to remain stagnant. So every time we go to clubs, we have our business [in mind].

So you guys go around clubs handing out business cards?
STAS: Yeah, we have a special kind of business card (laughs).

MATHIAS: It’s a customised condom packet with our e-mail and Facebook page details on it.

How do people react when you pass them out?
MATHIAS: They’re always surprised but they love it. We even give our business cards to CEOs at corporate events and they’ll be like, “Wow, this is amazing!”

STAS: Anyone can give a business card. But when we give away condoms with our details on it, people take notice. They’ll remember it and keep it… maybe even use it (laughs).

Shoot for the Moon Ft. The Madison Letter is available on iTunes & Spotify.  

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