The Moneymaker: Sonia Chew

So what if SONIA CHEW can’t buy enough ingredients for even a fruit salad with $20? For that same amount of money, she snagged her best investment yet: an onigiri-shaped hat


The Moneymaker
: SONIA CHEW, 24, who became a radio DJ in 2012 after winning the 987FM Radio Star competition. The vivacious presenter will take on Mike Kasem in a cooking challenge in an upcoming ep of Ch 5 info-ed show Common Cents. “We were given $20 to shop for ingredients. I busted my budget and had to omit some ingredients [from my fruit salad]. I did a fruit carving of Mike’s face [on a watermelon] (laughs).”

HER HOME IS: A five-room flat in Pasir Ris, where she lives with her parents.

HER RIDE IS: Taxis. “I probably spend close to $1,000 every month cabbing around!”

WHAT’S IN HER WALLET: “In [this Prada wallet], I have a credit card, ATM card, name cards, lots of receipts, and membership cards for eateries ’cos I love eating. I hate carrying coins ’cos they’re so heavy!”

8 DAYS: You travel frequently for work. What’s one money-saving tip you’ve picked up from jet-setting?
SONIA CHEW: I don’t activate my credit card when I’m overseas. I once holidayed in London and overspent by swiping $800 at Topshop. The bank contacted me to check if my card was stolen, ’cos I was spending so much more than usual (laughs). From then on, I only take cash with me when I’m on holiday.

You and 933 DJ Chen Ning wore the same Topshop dress at the MediaCorp Radio Awards 2013. Has that made you want to spend more on expanding your wardrobe?
I picked that dress ’cos I thought no one else would wear such a flashy dress. But it turned out the whole world liked it too (guffaws). It’s less likely that someone will have the same thing as you [if you shop overseas] though. When I visited Japan recently, I decided to go thrift shopping. 

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