A beaver helps herd cattle

A beaver is used to herd cattle.

A beaver helps herd cattle

A beaver was spotted herding cattle across a field.

Adrienne Ivey and her husband Aaron were out visiting their 150 cattle at their ranch near Ituna,Canada, when they noticed their herd were following a semi-aquatic rodent.

And it has been reported some of the animals even lowered their heads to take a closer look at the beaver, which was commanding them around.

The farming couple are used to herding cows with horses or quad bikes and were left utterly gobsmacked at the site of one single animal calling the shots.

Ivey uploaded a video of the beaver shepherding her cattle to Facebook because she thought her friends and family would get a "great chuckle" from it.

She told the Canadian Press: "We knew that people would get a great chuckle out of it because you cannot get more Canadian than that.

"We talk about how awesome our Canadian beef is, but a beaver leading cattle around? It's the most Canadian thing ever!"

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