Boy thought to have died from fish allergy

A boy may have died from an allergic reaction to fish.

Boy thought to have died from fish allergy

Allergy experts say it's possible a boy may have died after suffering a fatal reaction to fish cooking in his grandmother's kitchen.

Cameron Jean-Pierre and his father were visiting relatives in Brooklyn on Tuesday (01.01.19) when he was stricken, apparently after inhaling aromas from a traditional Caribbean fish dish that his grandmother and aunt were cooking.

Police said the boy was taken to Brookdale Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Dr Wayne Shreffler, director of Good Allergy Center at Massachusetts General Hospital said: "It's extremely rare.

"Most often it's an issue for patients who also have asthma, and probably not very well controlled asthma."

Cameron did have asthma and was allergic to fish and peanuts, his father, Steven Jean-Pierre, said Friday.

The city medical examiner is yet to fully confirm what caused his death.

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